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Wedding signs coming soon

After many delays with equipment we are almost their.

We almost have everything up and running and are starting to product our first samples. Here are two examples of what you can expect from our custom wood wedding signs.

Full color graphic designs including full color images all on wood to create a amazing wood wedding sign that is a one of a kind custom design just for your wedding or event.

Our special direct printing process lets us print to wood any design or images you want. We can also print to wood full color photos or black and white photos with two wood styles a natural look that shows the wood in anything that is white like you see in the samples or we can treat the wood first with white making the colors pop and the whites be and whiter color.

We can use unlimited textures in the background to make the wood look like any style of wood or custom texture from a rustic look to a very modern look and more or just one color.

We are working on designing many wood wedding signs to start with that will feature a traditional look and many crazy fun off the wall looks so we have a sign for any wedding style you may want.

Personalized wedding signs – Because of our direct printing it is very easy for use to make a customĀ Personalized wedding sign. Each sign is made one at a time starting with the sign design then cutting the wood to the sign size then lots of sanding and prepping the wood for the direct printing. Different signs will have different work done to the back of the sign based on what the sign will be used for.

Some signs will feature a routed edge and picture hanging slot cut in the back for hanging on the wall others will have hold drilled for hanging on a post or having ribbon or wire placed on them for hanging or holding

love more wood wedding sign star fish wood wedding signComing soon wedding signs the way you want them custom cut and made to order.We will be offering a small collection of other wedding related items to that we produce. All signs are produced in house by us here in the USA


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